About Intrepid Vacations
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Intrepid Vacation is a different kind of vacation travel company...Distinctive in that we do not sell mass-market, canned tours and packages.  Unique in today’s world of travel, we are your ultimate concierge-style travel experts that deliver your ultimate, tailor-made, grand vacations.

Originally established and launched in 2003 as a tour operator providing high quality travel programs to destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, we quickly came to realize that our destination expertise gave our clients a special edge when it came to truly "Living Like a Local" and having one-of-a-kind experiences in each destination. 

As our business evolved along with travelers' zest for exploring the world, custom-creating amazing programs tailored to the every whim of our clients and providing unparalleled, personalized service in planning and delivering the ultimate vacations became the core of what we do.  In fact, it's all we do!  After a repositioning of our brand in 2014, we exclusively offer custom-created travel programs for our clients.

Our mission is to serve as the ultimate travel concierge for our clients throughout their travels, virtually anywhere in the world...in the planning stages, delivering their dream vacations, and after returning home to start fantasizing about their next fabulous sojourn.  We guarantee excellent options, ensure the best personalized service, work with the highest quality suppliers, and provide all clients with innovative products and flexibility, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all areas of the company activities.

Whether you are an active adult seeking a luxurious adventure abroad, a food and wine aficionado looking to tantalize your palate on a gourmet journey, a family delving into your heritage and roots abroad, an organization or club focused on special interests, or a discerning traveler looking to live the magic of your dream destination, our knowledgeable staff is on hand to tailor-create the travel experience that is perfect for you.

Our company is unique, in that, we ourselves are passionate travelers and have lived the magic of the destinations we offer firsthand.  By sharing with you the hidden places not mentioned in guidebooks, the local people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, and the traditions you may not have discovered by yourself, we ensure that you get the ‘insiders’ view, an authentic and elevated experience you simply could not have had on your own. Our VIP access and unique experiences offered turn an ordinary vacation into the travel experience of a life time.

It is our dedication to taking our guests beyond the obvious sights and tailoring each moment of their travels to them that has made it possible for us to focus exclusively on customized luxury. From Europe to the Asia, from the Middle East to the Mediterranean, we pride ourselves on uncovering the hidden gems, cultural highlights and not-to-be-missed attractions of the places you will live with Intrepid Vacations.